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Stones of a river poking out of the water surrounded by grass


The Pit RCD was formed in the 1940’s to address issues pertaining to soil and water conservation. The District (in cooperation with the Natural Resources Conservation Service) provides technical and financial assistance to agricultural producers and promotes vegetation management to benefit stream channel stability and wildlife enhancement. In 1996 the District entered into an agreement with CDFG to contract grazing, farming and haying operations on the Ash Creek Wildlife Area. Most recently, the Pit RCD has expanded its watershed management role and activities. It has secured public grants used to hire a watershed coordinator, conducted monitoring and watershed assessment studies, and implemented on-the-ground projects to improve stream and upland conditions.

The Pit RCD mission is to protect, conserve, restore, and enhance natural resources for sustainability and economic diversity through the following objectives:

  • Promote irrigation water management for optimizing water and energy use efficiency.

  • Promote improvement of ecological status and resource values on rangeland.

  • Promote erosion reduction through proper land use planning and conservation practices.

  • Promote maintenance and improvement of surface and ground water quality.

  • Promote coordination of public resource agency activities to meet resource and user needs.

  • Promote public awareness of RCD and increase political involvement of RCD.

Pit RCD Board of Directors


Andy Albaugh                           

PO Box 373                                              

Adin, CA  96006                                        

Phone (530) 640-0172                             



Kolten Hawkins                                         

PO Box 326                                               

Bieber, CA  96009                                    

Phone (530) 921-1819                             



Alan Nelson                                                                 

PO Box 235

Adin, CA  96006

Phone (530) 299-3468


Tim Babcock

PO Box 308

Bieber, CA  96009

(530) 294-5697


Seth Hammack

PO Box 166

Lookout, CA  96054

Phone (530) 640-1638



Thad DeForest

PO Box 76

Adin, CA  96006

Phone (530) 640-0899


Kyle Kramer

PO Box 35

Bieber, CA  96009

Phone (530) 640-3244


Executive Director

Sharmie Stevenson

PO Box 301

Bieber, CA  96009

Phone (530) 299-3405

Fax (530) 299-9410



District boundary

A map showing the boundaries of the Pit RCD
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